Jude Tobias is the author of “Matters in My Mind: A Collection of Semi-Autobiographical Poetry

Based in the New York metropolitan area, his very favorite poet is the late Jim Carroll, although his first exposure to the genre was the works of Robert Frost.

“I most appreciate that my mind’s eye remains absolutely unclouded– a perfect 20/20, after all of these years.”

— Jude Tobias, Matters in My Mind

“Matters in My Mind”

Taken from a thick blue notebook filled with the poet’s handwritten reflections, memories, and imagery, “Matters in My Mind” is a collection of semi-autobiographical poems detailing the many moments and quests individuals face throughout a lifetime. The poems address both pleasant and painful memories, and special people, some who might be gone but still have left indelible imprints.

The book poses questions to ponder in quiet moments, and delves into a myriad of topics including:

• Surviving the human existence and all its dimensions

• Finding love and losing it, only to find it once again

• Pursuing inner peace and tranquility to remain balanced in an unbalanced world

• Striving to connect with and learn from nature

• Living a meaningful life while accepting the inevitability of death

Each poem will spark a different response, serving as a springboard for readers to reflect on their own past experiences, current lives, and dreams for the future. Perhaps the book’s readers have blue notebooks of their own….

What People Are Saying


“You [can] actually feel that Jude is someone that feels deeply…Jude’s words made me feel connected to him, and that type of messaging in writing is invaluable.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“It’s so exciting when a new author emerges and shares their work with poetry lovers…Tobias presents a wonderful cross-section of poems that address life as we know it.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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